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Mozart Requiem at the Minster

Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor is one of those enigmatic pieces which seem to cast mystic shadows on history: Was Mozart really murdered during the creation of “The Requiem”? Was he aware of his approaching death whilst writing it? All we know is that Mozart had not finished his Requiem when he passed away on the 5th December 1791. However, Mozart’s widow Constanze was keen for the Requiem to be finished and performed (partly so that no other composer could claim it his own) and commissioned Mozart’s former pupil Franz Xaver Süssmayr to complete this masterpiece. The „Süssmayer Version” is arguably the most widely accepted version and it is that version which was performed on Saturday 12th March 2016 at Croydon Minster. The Whitgift Chamber Choir, The Choirs of Croydon Minster, as well as The Whitgift-Minster Choral Society teamed up to form a choir of 130 singers (!), accompanied by The Academy of Haling Park (Whitgift’s own professional orchestra). Under the direction of Ronny Krippner, the choirs and orchestra’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem was a wonderful, breathtaking tribute to the musical genius that is Mozart. Well done to all the musicians for what was a superb musical evening.

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